Our Approach

Our approach is to embrace and enact new ways of thinking about leadership as relational, collaborative, and emergent are rendering other methods and practices out-of-date. This is causing orientations to leadership development to shift to mindset development as an initiating and sustaining practice.  The approach taken by The Academy for Sport Leadership is distinct from historical leadership thinking and development offerings. Our development programs are designed to reshape and remodel the mindset, and build practices and skill-sets for navigating the student-athlete experience.

A Few Thoughts from Dr. Dobbs:

Making Something Out of Nothing: Seeing a Mighty Oak in a Tiny Acorn

Do What You Say You Will Do (Student-Athlete Edition of Teamwork Intelligence)

Prepare to Win: Life is Right Around the Corner (Student-Athlete Edition)
Humility is not Optional
Broken Windows: “Do as You Please Because Nobody Cares”