Mindware Bites to Think About

In their classic Harvard Business Review article Listening to People, Ralph Nichols and Leonard Stevens get right to the point: “It can be stated, with practically no qualification, that people in general do not know how to listen.”  Larry Barker and Kittie Watson in Listen Up declare, “Each of us has the power to decide how and when to listen.”  Management expert Margaret Wheatley asserts, “I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again.”  William Isaacs in Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together emphasizes that, “Listening requires we not only hear words, but also embrace, accept, and gradually let go of our own inner clamoring.  As we explore it, we discover that listening is an expansive activity.”

Mindware Exercise: (If you would like to answer these questions and email to cory@sportleadership.com, Cory will respond with insightful feedback and feedforward.)

-Why do so few people listen properly?
-Think about it: The listener controls the conversation. Write down the various ways in which the listener controls a conversation. I think you’ll be surprised!

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