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Cory DobbsDr. Cory Dobbs is a college educator, a coach to successful coaches (helping coaches attain a higher level of success), and an accomplished human performance specialist whose expertise is in the field of leadership, team building, and creating a high-performance culture in the arena of team sports.  Cory blends social-personality, psychology, and applied social psychology, which means he studies how people’s thoughts, behaviors, and preferences are influenced by both who they are and the situations they’re in. He uses Teamwork Intelligence to help teams explore how the mix of perspectives brought by their individual members influences their work together.  Cory’s 8 Roles of Teamwork offers a way of re-ordering  the ordinary team experience—to an extraordinary team experience!  Dr. Dobbs’ is a successful coach blending performance psychology, learning theory and human development, with emotional intelligence to produce identity, influence, and personal power.

A former basketball coach, Cory’s coaching background includes experience at the NCAA DII, NJCAA, and high school levels of competition.  After a decade of research and development Cory has unleashed the innovative and transformative  Teamwork Intelligence Workshop and A Leader in Every Locker program for student-athletics, illuminating the new science of teamwork and team building.  (see www.aleaderineverylocker.com)

Cory is the founder and president of The Academy for Sport Leadership, a national leader in research-based curriculum development for coaches and student-athletes.  Cory has worked with professional athletes, collegiate athletic programs, and high schools teaching leadership as a part of the sports experience and education process.  As a consultant and trainer Dr. Dobbs has worked with Fortune 500 organizations such as American Express, Honeywell, and Avnet, as well as medium and small businesses.  Several of Cory’s books have been adopted as preferred texts for college classes.

Dr. Dobbs previously taught leadership and organizational change at Northern Arizona University, Ohio University, and Grand Canyon University.
Dr. Dobbs is the Founder and President of The Academy for Sport Leadership
Dr. Dobbs is a veteran of the U.S. Army and possesses a M.B.A.


“If you are interested in developing leadership skill, Cory Dobbs’ new book, Leadership Quest is the place to start.  This is the perfect guide for young athletes just starting their leadership journey or veteran athletes seeking to get back on the right track as a leader.  Asking the reader to consider the tough questions and providing action steps to success, Cory’s message is straightforward and relentless.”
-Kathy Delaney-Smith, Women’s Basketball Coach, Harvard University

“Brilliant in its simplicity yet rich in its message, this inspiring and empowering fable by Cory Dobbs illuminates the soulful path of athletic leadership and what it means, not just for sports, but for all of life.  I will be recommending this book to all my student-athletes aspiring to discover their true leader within.  Cory’s insights on leadership and team building are extraordinary.”
-Dr. Jerry Lynch, Author of Creative Coaching and founder of Way of the Champions

“Cory has a profound way of masterfully weaving story telling and lessons on leadership and team building.  I could not put the book down.  His consistent message is that leadership is a tool to be learned and mastered just like an athlete masters his or her sport.  As a coaching tool or as a resource for individual pursuit of excellence in athletic leadership, this book is a must read.  It helps take the scary out of those who want to be a leader and team builder but don’t quite know how. ”
-Julie Smith, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, Head Softball Coach & Assistant Athletic Director, University of La Verne.

“As a high school coach of eleven years, I have always understood the necessity of effective leadership and team building from my team captains and seniors.  When my expectations were not met, it was to due to a lack of knowledge, not character flaws or a lack of effort.  I wasn’t arming my athletes with the ammunition required to become effective leaders and team builders.  Leadership Quest provides the perfect foundation for building a leadership and team building arsenal for athletics and for life.”
-Russ Boyer, Head Coach, Brighton High School Men’s Soccer (UT)

Leadership & Team Building Books and Resources by Dr. Cory Dobbs:
Exploring Conversational Learning: A Case Study
-Release Your Team’s Potential: 5 Practices for Transforming the Cohesiveness, Confidence, and Commitment of Your Team
-A Leader in Every Locker: Leadership, Culture, and Team Design
-Dobbs’ 8 Roles of Teamwork
-The Coach as a Leadership Educator
-Becoming a Team Leader: A Workbook for the Student-Athlete
-Leadership Quest: A Modern Day Fable on Developing the Leader Within You (includes Workbook)
-The Five Roles of an Exceptional Team Leader
-Scrimmage: Key Practices for Deliberately Developing Team Leaders
-Team Leadership: A Curriculum Guidebook for Creating a Leadership Development Program for Student-Athletes
-The Academy for Sport Leadership Case Studies
-The Academy for Sport Leadership Training Cards
-The Rate Your Teammate Leadership Instrument
-The Academy for Sport Leadership Teamwork Debrief

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