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The two most important things you’ll teach and coach are:

*Coaching for Leadership & Coaching for Teamwork Intelligence
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*Teamwork Intelligence (for student-athletes) (Click Here)

Consultation (Coaching for Leadership Program / Teamwork Intelligence)
Keynote Speaking (Talks are customized for each audience)
Team Retreat (Let’s kick it up a notch!)

The vital question is this: How can you elevate your leadership and team building capabilities when you are already working at the edge of your ability?

The Teamwork Intelligence and Coaching for Leadership programs are not for everyone.  These two elite (well researched and practiced) programs take intense commitment.  Our active learning model immerses you in challenging leadership roles.  The programs are designed to develop your capacity to build great teams through Teamwork Intelligence and develop great leadership by Coaching for Leadership.

This Year, Make Coaching for Leadership Your Choice for Growth.
If you’re like most coaches, you’ve got personal growth on your agenda.  Coaching for Leadership  should be part of your action plan.  Explore evidence-based knowledge, acquire insights and frameworks into human performance, and access the coaching knowledge and leadership coaching skills to succeed as a 21st Century coach.  Expand your capacity to get the team building results you truly desire.

FACILITATOR:  Dr. Cory Dobbs

FORMAT:  A combination of classroom instruction, small group interaction, reflection and discussion to explore the essential elements of coaching for leadership and teamwork intelligence. This workshop presents you with a practical, but scientifically sound, leadership and team building framework that is adaptable and helps you build a high-performing team.

Looking For an Intense Workshop for Your Student-Athletes?  Teamwork Intelligence will Transform the Culture of Your Program.

Teamwork Intelligence is the purposeful and intentional relational process of team members together raising one another to higher levels of motivation, collaboration, compassion, and performance.  The Academy for Sport Leadership has pioneered teamwork intelligence through research and practice identifying 20 foundational principles and concepts for effective team building.

Learning to lead, to build a team, and to do so at high level of performance requires focus, planning, and reflection.  Teamwork Intelligence is a learning process, a method, a system of understanding delivered in a set of activities.  Yes, a team can master Teamwork Intelligence.  But the coach and players must be committed to the system of learning and practice.

BEST SUITED FOR:  The Academy for Sport Leadership offers a very special learning opportunity for all student-athletes (freshman through graduating seniors!).  Great for team retreats, leadership councils and for your body of student-athletes—in season or out of season.  This is a learning opportunity that will form a foundation for leadership and team building for all student-athletes.

FACILITATOR:  Dr. Cory Dobbs