What is Teamwork Intelligence?

Teamwork Intelligence is the purposeful and intentional relational process of team members together raising one another to higher levels of motivation, collaboration, compassion, and performance.  It’s deceptively simple: in order to build a high-performing team you have to create the conditions for team members to commit and unify—to coalesce into a single organism.  Such oneness is not inevitable; it is forged methodically and deliberately.

Cracking the Code: How to Build a High-Performance Team Culture


The Teamwork Intelligence workshop is based on a decade of research performed by The Academy for Sport Leadership.  The evidence strongly suggests that teams that organize and embed 20 principles and concepts are highly likely to build high-performing teams.  By drawing on evidence from our research and social science we know we can help you release the potential of every student-athlete to be an intelligent part of the team building process.

“Dr. Cory Dobbs’ materials have played an integral part in opening my eyes to proper leadership and team building, for me, my coaches, and our players.”  -Mike Gottsch, Head Football Coach and Asst. Athletic Director, Sapulpa HS (OK)

“In working with The Academy for Sport Leadership, I have continued to learn more and more about leadership and team building and how to foster and grow student-athletes.”  -Keri Sanchez, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Claremont McKenna College (CA)

“Cory Dobbs truly ‘gets’ leadership and team building for today’s young people.”  -Jane Albright, Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Nevada

Please feel free to download, distribute, and discuss the Scrimmage articles below with your coaching staff and team.  Some of the articles are tailored to the coach, others to the student-athlete.  Please let us know if you need something on a particular topic.

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