Cory Dobbs

Dr. Cory Dobbs is an accomplished researcher of human experience–a relentless investigator of team building and leadership behavior.  A skilled researcher, Cory actively engages the process of naturalistic inquiry seeking in-depth understanding of social phenomena such as leadership and team building in their natural setting.  A “teamologist,” Dr. Dobbs is an author, speaker, teacher, trainer and a consultant.

Dr. Dobbs is the Founder & President of The Academy for Sport Leadership. A former basketball coach, Cory’s coaching background includes experience at the NCAA DII, NJCAA, and high school levels of competition. Cory has worked with collegiate athletic programs and high schools teaching leadership and team building as a part of the sports experience and education process.

Leadership Development of Coaches & Student-Athletes
Team Building / Intergroup Behavior
Qualitative Methods of Organizational Behavior
Organizational Change
Organizational Culture

Cory has been a recognized educator teaching at the following universities:

Northern Arizona University
Ohio University
Grand Canyon University