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ASL SET 1:  A Leader in Every Locker Packet $54.99 (plus shipping)
1 copy of A Leader in Every Locker: Coaches Guidebook ($20.99)
1 copy  of Scrimmage: Key Practices for Deliberately Developing Team Leaders ($14.99)
1 copy of Becoming a Team Leader: A Workbook for the Student-Athlete ($15.99)
1 copy of The Coach as a Leadership Educator ($9.99)

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“I must admit my professional bias towards the model of “A Leader in Every Locker” that Dr. Dobbs describes in this, his latest book. I too am a proponent of a shared leadership model and believe that leadership is not a gift reserved for a small minority, but that it can be learned and enhanced in most people. It is our responsibility as coaches, educators, and leaders to raise up a future generation of leaders. After all, isn’t helping others in their leadership journey the ultimate testament to our own leadership capacity? With this book Dr. Dobbs gives a clear and convincing argument to the importance and need to adopt this 21st century model and a path as to how to transform your leadership environment from hit-or-miss to intentional.”
-Juan Pablo Favero, Associate Head Coach Women’s  Soccer, San Diego State University

“It is my strong opinion that Cory Dobbs is one of the nation’s leaders in understanding leadership and sport.  In this new book, he embraces the process of leadership and gives very helpful exercises that will benefit every coach at every level of sport.  With Cory’s help, you can build and encourage leaders in your team’s locker room.  Here’s a guide to this generation and how to build relationships as you empower young women or men on your teams to be the leader that is inside of them.  A must read for every coach!”
-Jane Albright, Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Nevada

“Leadership is a powerful tool which can be used in sports, business, and life to help you and your teams succeed.  Here’s a great tool!
-Neal Meyer, NBA Senior Director of Operations

ASL SET 2:  The Academy for Sport Leadership’s Course Curriculum $44.99 (plus shipping)
1 Copy of The Coach as a Leadership Educator ($10.99)
1 Copy of Becoming a Team Leader: A Workbook for the Student-Athlete ($15.99)
1 Copy of Leadership Quest (for Student-Athletes) ($9.99)
1 Copy of Leadership Quest Workbook ($17.99)

In working with the Academy for Sport Leadership, I have continued to learn more and more about leadership and how to help foster and grow leaders for my team.  Cory’s latest book, Leadership Quest: A Modern Fable for Developing the Leader Within You, will provide another great training device for my student-athletes.  The story is relatable and easy to read with many great messages that my current and future leaders can use to help them on their path to great leadership.
          -Keri Sanchez, Head Coach Women’s Soccer, Claremont McKenna- Mudd- Scripps Colleges

The passion for teaching and sharing leadership concepts that develop sport leaders continues with Leadership Quest.  I found this book packed with valuable leadership concepts and exercises that can be used when working with coaches and student athletes in leadership activities.  Cory Dobbs approach remains consistent and connected to his leadership philosophy and the materials developed through the Academy for Sport Leadership.
          -Jeff Schreiner, Athletic Director, Monona Grove High School (WI)



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