Coaching for Leadership



(Release date, mid-November 2017)  In Coaching for Leadership, author, professor, and former coach, Cory Dobbs flips the coaching plan on leadership and team building.  Rather than relying on “seniority” and “teachable moments,” coaches are invited to deliberately prepare every team member for a vital team building role.

In this guidebook, based on over ten years of practical research with college and high school coaches and student-athletes, Dr. Dobbs—founder of The Academy for Sport Leadership—presents a pioneering approach to coaching, leadership development, team building, and student-development.

Coaching for Leadership shows you why the traditional team captain model is a substandard way of instilling your team with a leadership ethos.  Dobbs shows you how to optimize the team building process by infusing leadership and team building into everything you and your players do.  Coaching for Leadership is an innovative change program grounded in a peer-based team leadership model which offers you—the coach—a definitive way to raise the bar on team building.

Want Results?  This guidebook is full of interactive exercises, self-assessments, and other practical tools.

This action-focused guidebook explores the pioneering ideas of:

  • The key attributes of agile team leadership
  • The 8 Roles of Teamwork
  • The Four Minds of a Coach
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Individual  and team learning
  • Creating the five conditions necessary for a high-performing team
  • Deep change model

Coaching for Leadership Eduletter: please feel free to download, print, and distribute to your staff.
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