Teamwork Intelligence

Integrating a Teamwork Intelligence program into what you do is a serious commitment. Thinking differently and building the capacity to turn student-athletes into high-performing team players is hard work. It’s a commitment to spending time developing yourself, your staff and, of course, your players.  Everyone needs to be committed to push their teamwork intelligence bars higher to build a high-performing culture.

As a coach and educational leader seeking high-bar change, you need to understand deeply and personally the challenges and opportunities of a Teamwork Intelligence program.  You need a willingness to unlearn your long-held mental models and then relearn the complexities of team building. And then, you need the courage to push through the barriers that prevent change and an intense commitment to see the process through.  Don’t just tinker on the edges, raise the bar on team building.

Teamwork Intelligence is the purposeful and intentional relational process of team members together raising one another to higher levels of motivation, collaboration, compassion, and performance.  It’s deceptively simple: in order to build a high-performing team culture you have to create the conditions for team members to commit and unify—to coalesce into a single unit.  Such oneness is not inevitable; it must be forged methodically and deliberately.

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