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8-Week E-Learning Leadership Curriculum: Transform Your Student-Athletes into Dynamic Team Leaders  Click Here for Sample Unit:  Unit 1

Coaching for Leadership. Teamwork Intelligence. Innovative education that makes an impact.  Build new perspectives, skills, and techniques you need to optimize your performance, the performance of your team, and achieve extraordinary long-term results by optimizing student-athlete involvement and engagement.

Dr. Dobbs’ books include:Image result for the academy for sport leadership

•Coaching for Leadership: How to Develop a Leader in Every Locker
•Coaching for Leadership: Facilitator’s Guide and Student-Athlete Workbook
*Teamwork Intelligence: Workbook for Student-Athletes (Coaching for Teamwork Intelligence soon!)
•Becoming a Team Leader: A Workbook for the Student-Athlete
•Leadership Quest: A Modern Day Fable on Developing the Leader Within
•The Five Roles of an Exceptional Team Leader
•Release Your Team’s Potential: 5 Practices for Transforming the Cohesiveness, Confidence, and Commitment of Your Team
•Scrimmage: Key Practices for Deliberately Developing Team Leaders
•The Coach as a Leadership Educator
•Exploring Conversational Learning: A Case Study