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Dr. Dobbs goes above and beyond making the case for team leadership and why it is a valuable leadership style. We are coaching in a changing world and our student-athletes are different. I am a big believer that it is our charge to teach leadership, more than ever before and sports can be by far, the best classroom. Cory’s resources get you started.     -Kathy Delaney-Smith, Harvard University Women’s Basketball Coach


In Coaching for Leadership author, professor, and former coach, Cory Dobbs flips the coaching plan on leadership and team building.  Rather than relying on “seniority” and “teachable moments,” coaches are invited to deliberately prepare every team member for a vital team building role.

In the Guidebook, based on over ten years of practical research with college and high school coaches and student-athletes, Dr. Dobbs—founder of The Academy for Sport Leadership—presents a pioneering approach to coaching, leadership development, team building, and student-development.


“Dr. Cory Dobbs is a game changer when it comes to sport leadership. Dr. Dobbs provides a unique foundation that promotes leadership growth and development for your entire program. After working with Dr. Dobbs, you understand why having a leadership system is just as important as having offensive and defensive systems. I have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand the positive impact that Dr. Dobbs and his leadership style have had on programs. If you are serious about being a leadership educator, then this book is a no-brainer. Dr. Dobbs and his leadership style will help prepare all of your student-athletes as leaders while preparing them to be successful for life after sports.”
    -Cory Hoff, Men’s Basketball Coach, Graceland University, NAIA National Champs 2018

I must admit my professional bias towards the model of “A Leader in Every Locker” that Dr. Dobbs creates in this, his latest book. I too am a proponent of a shared leadership model and believe that leadership is not a gift reserved for a small minority, but that it can be learned and enhanced in most people. It is our responsibility as coaches, educators, and leaders to raise up a future generation of leaders. After all, isn’t helping others in their leadership journey the ultimate testament to our own leadership capacity? With this book Dr. Dobbs gives a clear and convincing argument to the importance and need to adopt this 21st century model and a path as to how to transform your leadership environment from hit-or-miss to intentional.
    -Juan Pablo Favero, Women’s Soccer Coach, Oakland University (MI)

Every coach is always searching for good leaders on their team. Coaching for Leadership will challenge you to take an in-depth look at yourself as a coach as well as your personal beliefs about leadership. Cory does raise the bar with an excellent guide which provides the “how to” in developing student-athlete leaders and a leadership culture. This book is a must read for new coaches as well as experienced coaches who want to develop their student-athletes, their program and themselves.
     -Cindy Fredrick, Women’s Volleyball Coach, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

In this book Dr. Cory Dobbs makes the case to take a new approach to leadership by throwing out the old model of the “team captain” and replacing it with each player having a role in team leadership.  I am convinced this model will not only have a dramatic affect on how a team will thrive, it will also affect how team members will learn to lead in the real world.   -Peggy Seegers-Braun, CMAA, Athletic Director, Divine Savior Holy Angels HS (WI)

As a high school athletic director “in the field” I have found Cory Dobbs and his materials to be a great asset to my personal mission, that of developing and fostering character and leadership in the student athletes that I have had an opportunity to serve. His most recent book “Coaching for Leadership” hits me right in the sweet spot.  I am in full agreement when he states: “Coaching for leadership starts with the desire to make a sustainable difference in the lives of student athletes; it has to do with long-term value of students learning to lead and build high performance teams.”  From that perspective, Cory Dobbs equips the reader with tools to get to work and challenges us to use those tools on EVERY athlete we serve, not just a few.  I am a more skilled AD because of the influence Cory Dobbs has had on my own growth journey.
-Todd Moeller, CAA, Athletic Director, O’Fallon Township High School, (IL)

A thought-provoking guide to enlightened leadership and progressive team building behavior.
     -Jerry Lynch, Ph.D., Author of The Way of Champions and Coaching with Heart

Not only are Cory Dobbs’ ideas progressive, but they are practical as well.
     –Dr. Brian Smith, Director Jerry Colangelo School of Sports Business, Grand Canyon University

 It is my strong opinion that Cory Dobbs is one of the nation’s leaders in understanding leadership and sport.  In this book he illuminates the process of leadership and gives very helpful exercises that will benefit every coach at all levels of sport.  -Jane Albright, Former Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Nevada